Indian server 0w3d by Hex786 (Death Adders Crew)

#OP Free Kashmir

#Stand With Kashmir


#We are Back with destruction Hell Yeah .
#TO give a single message to the citizens of the world

#Go back to 1947,The begining of indian Oppression , That led to destruction and illegal occupation of KASHMIR.

#Lies have been covered up,Truth echoes SAMEER , a martyr at age 9,They killed him by kicking his jawline,Forced a bamboo right down his throat,And his soul went afloat.

#NEELOFAR and ASIYA, my sisters drowned to death, Molestated and raped till their last breath.

#Ask a MOTHER how her son died, a SISTER how she cried,A FATHER left torn up inside.

#We are with you Brothers ,A brother who fought for right,A brother who threw stones with all his might, A brother smothered and slayed,A brother who had faith in freedom all the way.

#We say enough! to the brutality being committed to the innocent civilians in KASHMIR by Political Administration for power.

Team Death Adders Crew